9mm Luger Monthly

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Quality You Can Trust

We work with only premium ammunition brands and we buy directly from the manufacturers. You will only receive the highest quality rounds when you subscribe to our club.


Ammo Direct to Your Doorstep

As a member of the Legacy Ammo club, you will never have to leave home to scrounge for ammo on mostly empty shelves. We deliver exactly what you need straight to your doorstep.


On Time. Every Time.

When you subscribe to the Legacy Ammo club, we secure all the rounds you will need for an entire year the moment you sign up. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your ammo will arrive directly to your door step on time, every time.


No Price Gouging. Ever.

We don’t believe in taking advantage of our customers. Ever. Our pricing is competitive regardless of the political climate or other fluctuations in supply and demand. The price you sign up for when you join the club is the price you will pay each month. Period.